“How we live, what we wear and what we do reflects our values and how we see ourselves in the world. To see a beautiful piece of art is to trigger an emotion of pleasure that immediately improves our wellbeing. A feeling that we should be trying to embrace all the time. We don’t want to change the world, we just want to change people’s enjoyment of the environments they spend time in. Create work that becomes an art-form in itself and put a smile on people’s faces in the process. Whether it be something you sit on, carry, wear or hang up.”


‘The art of a lovely life’ is the philosophy behind everything we do at The House of Lovely Stuff. The essence of our work is to offer very limited edition collections of exclusive, bespoke designs.


Our eclectic style is to combine textures, bold patterns, geometric shapes and vivid colours with traditional tailoring. Our portfolio currently boasts a range of cushions, mix ’n’ match napkins, tea towels, bags, totes, beach rugs, blankets, multifunctional make-up bags/pencil cases, and they offer other services including reupholstering old furniture.


Our signature line ‘Union’ harmonises our love of different ideas, fabrics and textures whilst drawing from our love of art, design, theatre, fashion, period costumes and music.


We hope you find something you love that reflects the way you live. If not, we’re always happy to explore and design something more bespoke to you.



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